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Change mailbox password

It's a good idea to change your mailbox password once in a while. When you change your mailbox password you need to remember that it has to be updated on all your devices, it is the password to retrieve and also send e-mails that are changed, so both entries in your mail program has to be updated.

If you do not remember your old password, you can change the password in the control panel.

If you select "hide password", nobody can see your password, and it cannot be decrypted. Only way to change a "hidden password" is in the control panel by resetting to a random generated password.

Due to security you need your mailbox name (not your e-mail address) to change your password. The mailbox name is usually in your mail program and ends with a number. If you do not know your mailbox name, you can see this in your controlpanel (where you can click the old password and change it directly for the mailbox).

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